KnoxData is for anyone interested in the multidisciplinary field of data science. The group is open to novices and experts from the business and academic worlds that have an interest in anything data science-y:

  • uses
  • analysis
  • mathematics,
  • methodologies,
  • tools,
  • visualizations.

The aim is to maintain a forum for connecting people around data science specific topics such as tutorials and their applications, local success stories, discussions of new technologies, and best practices. All are welcome to attend, network, and present!

Join us on Meetup! and join the #data channel on the KnoxDevs Slack group!


We host meetups at the Technology Cooperative usually the third Thursday of every month, in Emory Place, across the street from the Crafty Bastard Brewery. After meetups, we generally walk across the street to continue on the great conversations from the evening.